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Course Scorecard & Ratings


What Tees To Play From?


Elmira Introduces a New Tee Configuration 


  • 16 New Tee Decks

  • 8 Rated Yardage Options

  • 4 New Colours (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green)

  • 3 New Combo Transition tees

  • 1 Golf Course; however, over 20 different yardage course options to explore.


Are you playing from the best yardage to fit your game? Book Elmira Golf Club and play a game forward, to find out what yardage you really enjoy!


Please find our New Scorecard below outlining all these exciting details!  The (two pages) contain our ratings, slope for both Men & Women from all of our different sets of tees.  Our four pin system (A, B, C, D or Circles) is set daily and is displayed on each scorecard for better accuracy. Our scorecard also includes items such as out of bounds indicators, yardage markers, Stop sign locations, Pace per hole, next tee indicators and handicap holes.


​To View Our New Scorecard in a Full-Size PDF Click Button

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