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Elmira Golf Club Info

The Mission of the Elmira Golf Club is to provide our membership, their families, guests and visitors with an outstanding golf course and dining lounge, excellent service and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

The Elmira Golf Club is located in the small rural town of Elmira with a population of just under 12,000.  As a part of the Waterloo RegionElmira, as well as St Jacobs, is home to the largest population of Old Order Mennonites in Canada.  They are often seen on the local roads using their traditional horse and buggy transportation; many also use horses to pull the implements in their farm fields. The Elmira Golf Club known as a great facility to Play, Practice, Shop & Dine is located centrally to the communities of GuelphKitchener-WaterlooFergus, Arthur as well as Listowel and is less than a 1/2 hour drive from any of these communities.  There is no doubt about one thing, it is always worth the drive to Elmira.

General Manager - Executive Professional

Jeremy Logel

It is truly people that makes a business like Elmira successful and it is our our entire team that provides the foundation on which we have built this success.  With this in mind I would like to introduce you to our management team below and to also point out how important every member of the team is to us.  Please reach out to any of our team members as we are all ready to help any way we can.

Our Core Values Are:

We C.A.R.E

We CARE about our members, our customers and our employees.

We CARE about maintaining a positive social and golf experience.

We CARE about being good stewards of our land.

We CARE about continuous improvement and innovation.

We CARE about community responsibility.

We CARE about doing the right thing. 


C. - Commitment

A. - Accountability

R. - Respect

E. - Excellence



Our commitment is to your our valued customer, Member, Guest or Green Fee Player alike.  Everyone is welcome here at the Elmira GC and we,  will continue to provide you with an enjoyable experience with great value.



We have no trouble being held accountable for any part of our business.  Golf Course conditions, our Food & Beverage product and service or our golf shop operations including equipment sales and service.  We stand behind all aspects of our business



We believe in the Golden Rule, treat people the way you wish to be treated.  With this in mind respect is a big part of this rule and all we ask is the same in return.  Thanks



The measure of excellence is difficult but you can be assured that we never stop trying to be better at what we do.  We will always strive for excellence but fully understand the need to continue to do so.


Through Dedication

It takes complete dedication on our part to ensure we are meeting or more importantly exceeding all of your expectations.  We have an open door policy so please let us know what we are doing well and where we need to improve.


Through Teamwork

Without question, teamwork is the cornerstone of our overall success.  One person cannot make this happen as it takes a true team of people all pulling in the same direction to ensure we move towards our basic Core Values, Mission and Vision Statements.

Our Story - History

Please keep a close eye on this section of the website as we continue to recount the history of the club from the past 60 years.  Celebrating our 60th year in business, a truly special occasion, so please feel free to send us any interesting pictures or stories you may have from the past so that we can feature them on our site.

Send Pictures & Stories to

Head Golf Professional

Adam Ferraro 

Golf Course Superintendent 

Ben Bell

Food & Beverage - The Grill On The Green

John Tsintaris

Class 'A" PGA Professional / Director of Instruction

Ryan Lawrence

Assistant Superintendent

Calum Tilly

Office Administrator

Andrew Brubacher

Meet The Team

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