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What is the true meaning of membership?  Webster's defines it as  the state of belonging to or being a part of a group or an organization - the state of being a member - all the people or things that belong to or are part of an organization or a group


We think our Membership is best described by more of a feeling rather than a statement.  The idea of feeling welcome is what we think is most important and we always want you to view our facilities as your home away from home for golf.  We welcome members as a big part of our operating philosophy so that you always have a place to feed your passion for the greatest game in the world known as GOLF.  Our Memberships are affordable, convenient and easily accessible, so why not join in and play as much golf as you like.


Our Membership includes an online account & tee-time 10 day in advance booking system, golf shop discounts & other special member pricing on items such as golf carts and lockers, practice facilities, GAO handicapping, organized events, leagues, match play, social functions and many other member benefits.


Join us this season, Elmira Golf Club, since 1963! Waiting List Alert for Membership.

Please Click Here to View More Information on Our Different Membership Programs or Please Click Here to View & Download our Brochure


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- Junior Memberships - Intermediate Memberships -

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