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Good Luck To All

26 Golf Phrases For Good Luck

  1. Good Luck

  2. Enjoy The 19th Hole

  3. Hit ‘Em Long And Straight

  4. Hit ‘Em Straight And Far

  5. May The Fores Be With You

  6. May The Course Be With You

  7. Play Well

  8. Swing Easy

  9. Only Birdies

  10. Have A Great Round

  11. Stay Out Of The Bunkers

  12. Keep It In The Fairway

  13. Enjoy Your Round

  14. Fairways And Greens

  15. Stay Out Of The Sand Traps

  16. Enjoy Yourself Out There

  17. May You Avoid The Rough

  18. Keep It In The Short Stuff

  19. Good Shooting

  20. Have Fun

  21. Don’t Throw Your Clubs

  22. Go Low

  23. Drive For Show, Putt For Dough

  24. Hit ‘Em Straight And Far

  25. Make Every Shot Count

  26. May Your Putts Always Find The Hole

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