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Etiquette & Code of Conduct

We are very proud of the conditions of our golf course. We are especially proud of the care our players take to assist in our efforts of maintaining a superior product. Please follow our Code of Conduct, Pace of Play program, Liquor policies, and Golf Etiquette.


Our EGC Code of Conduct   (Please Click Here to View PDF or See Below)




Our 18 hole Keep Pace Program at an average of 4 hours. Early AM times may be 3:45 hours, mid-day around 4 hours and pace will be closer to 4:15 on busier / event days. 


Slow play will not be tolerated. Players should play without delay and follow right behind the group ahead at all times. To help overcome slow play, Members, Guests, and Green Fee Players are asked to consider the following points:


Four-ball games are recommended during periods of heavy or Tournament play. The Golf Shop team will group players into four-ball games at our discretion.

Prepare for your shot as you approach your ball or the tee and always be ready to play when it is your turn

Practice continuous putting

When you have completed a hole, pick up your ball and proceed to the next tee as quickly as possible

Players failing to maintain the pace of play, by looking for a ball or by dropping back more than their 10-minute interval, will be asked to pick up their pace (1st warning of our five-step policy to move groups into position). Time par for The Elmira Golf Course is 4 hours. Staff is authorized to approach any group that is out of position and Management reserves the right to suspend golf privileges at any time without refund.




Players are reminded to take great care to repair all ball marks on greens, rake bunkers and replace divots.




Power carts must be driven by a licensed individual over the age of 19. There is a maximum of two persons on carts. Carts are not be driven closer than 10 yards or as otherwise marked from all greens/fringes and tees. All pull/push and electric carts are to kept off green fringes & tees.




All Players must wear suitable attire at all times on the course and in and around the Clubhouse. Members are expected to dress tastefully and to comply with the club dress code. As your dress is a personal matter and as contemporary golfing attire changes from time to time, any questions regarding the acceptability of any particular apparel can be reviewed with the Golf Shop.

Footwear (must be worn at all times): Soft spike golf shoes & sandals, and flat rubber sole shoes may be worn. Footwear with spikes other than golf and heels may not be worn.




Practicing on the Golf Course is absolutely not permitted. The practice range balls are for use on the practice facilities only. Range balls may not be taken off the property for any reason.

The practice range is closed for maintenance on Tuesday mornings. On frost delay days, wet weather days this time may be extended beyond noon. The practice range closes after play for the season on Thanksgiving. 




Vehicles may come to the front entrance to unload passengers, and clubs at the bag drop, and then must proceed to the designated parking area. Please do not leave your vehicle idling, parked or unattended at the bag drop or area in front of the clubhouse. 




Suggestions or feedback regarding Members, employees or Club operations should be in writing to the Director of Golf.




Pets or walkers are not permitted on the Golf Course. Pets are also not allowed in the Clubhouse. Walkers or Caddies are not allowed on the golf course.




Elmira Golf Club does not allow more than four players in a group at any time, unless the Golf Shop has allowed for special circumstances. Groups will be matched up into foursomes during busy times.





Anyone who appears under the age of 25 will be checked for ID since the legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 years of age. Alcohol is not to be served until 9:00 am daily and the last call can be given at any time.

Coolers or alcoholic beverages not purchased from one of our outlets at Elmira Golf Club will be confiscated.

Servers will use their Smart Serve techniques to monitor the consumption of alcohol of individuals and take steps to prevent someone from being intoxicated.

Should some appear to be intoxicated is our "duty of care" to ensure that proper steps are taken to safely get this individual home

As a last resort, the police will be called to deal with any of these issues. Please see our posted alcohol policy posted at Elmira Golf Club and supported by the National Golfers Association of Canada.


Alcohol Policy    (Please Click Here To View PDF or See Below)

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