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Board & Committees

Board of Directors of Elmira Golf Club Limited

2023 AGM Scheduled For Thursday March 9th. 2023 - 7:30PM

  • Current Board of Directors: 

   Pat Bishop, Ric Black, Lee Clemens, Lester Heldsinger, Jeff Kelly, Michael Lanteigne, Clark McAlpine, Olivia Richards and Bill Traut. 


  • Executive Committee:​

   President: Ric Black

   Vice President: Lee Clemens

   Treasurer: Jeff Kelly

   Secretary: Clark McAlpine 



Community and Public Relations Committee



Continue to foster EGC’s relationship with both the Elmira community and the golf community in Waterloo region.


Activities and initiatives related to the Elmira community and the Waterloo region golf community that are not driven by either the EGC games committee or EGC management.


Lee Clemens and Bill Traut (co-chairs), Jeremy Logel (General Manager)


Compensation Committee



Review, formalize and recommend changes as needed to compensation-related processes for key staff, as well as programs with a financial impact that apply to other staff.

Review and recommend annual compensation changes for key staff.     




  • Key staff defined as General Manager, Greens Superintendent and Head Golf Professional

  • Salary ranges and salaries; incentive compensation targets, processes and calculations; benefits

  • Role descriptions and performance review processes, and review for General Manager

  • Parameters and processes for staff-wide programs

  • Programs that combine direct compensation with other alternatives 



  • Staff managed by key staff members, other than the above



Ric Black (chair), Lee Clemens, Jeff Kelly

  • Consulting/background: Bill Traut (and others as warranted)

Finance Committee



Represent the financial interests of the stakeholders of Elmira Golf Club. This can be broken into four main groups: the Board, Members, General Manager and Staff. 



  • Review and provide analysis on financial statements on a monthly and ad-hoc basis.

  • Act as a resource for the club and the audit team as it relates to:

    • Implementing accounting policies

    • Recommending accounting changes

    • Ad-hoc financial analysis and support for projects and proposals as requested by the Board and/or General Manager

  • Develop the requirements, timelines, and deadlines for the major financial processes of the club. This includes, but is not limited to, budgeting, forecasting, monthly financial reporting, project planning and evaluation, and audits.



Jeff Kelly and Lester Heldsinger (co-chairs), Jeremy Logel (General Manager)



Greens Committee



Provide a conduit of information to and from the members to the operational functions of the club with the express purpose of communications and the EGC mission statement.  The committee is made up of a diverse group of volunteers from the club.



  • Collect and form a consensus of opinion for items related to the operations of the course.

  • Promote communication of actions relating to the EGC Mission Statement "providing an exceptional golf experience” to all at the EGC.



Clark McAlpine  and  Michael Lanteigne (co-chairs), Frank Hall, Jeff Legault, Gail McLeod, Brooke Sharpe, Jay Cressman, Ray Nicholson, Ben Bell (Greens Superintendent), Jeremy Logel (General Manager)


Membership & Games Committee



Oversee all elements of member (and guests as required) golf events to ensure everyone is provided with an inclusive, fun, and competitive environment. Provide a confidential channel for members to raise concerns and opportunities with respect to the overall member experience.



  • Recommendations, changes or alterations to any policies relating to membership, handicap, and golf programs

  • Assist in developing a calendar of events that will promote fair, fun, and equitable play

  • Initiate, organize and assist with scoring for new events and formats

  • Support Handicap Committee as needed

  • Member handbook oversight

  • Provide support and handling of any member conduct issues/concerns (as required and in conjunction with the General Manager)



Michael Lanteigne  and Olivia Richards (co-chairs), Derek Hori, Jeff Legault, Kevin Martin, Jeff Wark, Clinton Rayfield, Adam Ferraro (Head Professional)

  • Handicap Committee: Michael Lanteigne, Kyle Champion, Kevin Martin, Adam Ferraro


Ad Hoc Committees:

COVID-19:  Pat Bishop (chair), Ric Black, Bill Traut, Jeremy Logel (General Manager)

Constitution, Bylaws, and Shareholders: Pat Bishop and Ric Black (co-chairs), Bill Traut, Jeremy Logel (General Manager) 

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