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Annual Members Meeting 2024

Meeting Date:  Monday April 15th, 2024 - 7:00pm at

Elmira Lions Hall - 40 South Street W, Elmira, ON N3B 1K8

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President's Message



What a year!  A recap of some of the highlights from 2023 includes:

  • We enjoyed a season-long celebration of our 60th anniversary, kicked off by a memorable party in June and supported by an enhanced program of member events.

  • Our new clock tower, showcased by surrounding upgrades, became a first tee feature.

  • Once again we had a full complement of 340 adult Members and 60 juniors.

  • As part of our Community Relations program, the first annual bursary was awarded to an Elmira District Secondary School graduate.

  • A new Assistant Greens Superintendent position was opened which saw Calum Tilley joining our team in July.

  • In August we hosted the Ontario U-17 provincial tournament made up of 60 boys and 30 girls.  The OGA deemed it a resounding success.

  • Strong financial results will enable us to continue to make course improvements, such as our tee review and renewal program, along with upgrading course equipment and replacing needed facility infrastructure. 

  • In October, responding to the enactment of provincial legislation in 2021, we held a Special Shareholders Meeting.  At this meeting a majority of the Club’s former shareholders voted to cancel all existing and outstanding shares, marking a new chapter in our club’s story.  Elmira Golf Club can now continue our 50-year tradition as a not-for-profit corporation.


Your vote is needed!

On January 5, 2024 the province granted new Articles of Continuance to Elmira Golf Club under the recent Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act (ONCA).  We are now a member-driven organization. You, the members, can now determine the direction of the organization through your actions.

As a result of the above change, our organization must adopt a new set of By-laws to govern our operations.  After significant development effort, these By-laws are included here for member review and approval. They conform to ONCA guidelines, have been vetted with our legal counsel, and are endorsed by your current Board.

Adoption of our new By-laws requires votes by a majority of current members, either in person at the Annual Members Meeting or using the Proxy form below. Please take some time to examine the new By-laws document and complete the Proxy Form, or indicate your intention to attend the upcoming Annual Members Meeting using the Sign up Link form.  

While there are a number of changes reflected in the new By-laws as a result of the ONCA, there are a few that I would like to highlight:

  • You are a member and entitled to vote if you are an individual nineteen years of age or older and have paid, or are paying, the appropriate annual fee.

  • Directors will now be elected for a three-year term, and initial terms will be staggered.  That means that three of the nine director positions will be open for election at each Annual Meeting normally, rather than electing all Directors each year as we have in the past.  This will prevent unwanted turnover of all or the majority of the Board in any one year, thus ensuring continuity for organization management.

  • Additionally, Directors will be limited to serving no more than three consecutive three-year terms (i.e. nine consecutive years, normally).  At the end of this limit, and assuming other members step forward for election, a Director would need to wait a year or more before becoming a candidate once again.  We feel this will help keep the Board fresh, as new ideas are introduced through planned but limited turnover, while still benefiting from the experience of continuing Directors.   


Your current Board views the 2024-25 Board year as one of transition.  As outlined below in the window titled 2024 EGC Slate of Directors, we will implement staggered Director terms now and then follow with term limits in one year.  To facilitate these changes we will work this year to put in place a sound process, prior to next year’s Annual Members Meeting, for nominating potential Directors and for elections to the 2025-26 Board.


Thank you’s

It bears repeating that as members we enjoy an excellent golf course and club house facility, as well as opportunities for competitive and fun events and socialization.  Our General Manager, Jeremy Logel, deserves much credit for keeping our operation running smoothly day in and out, augmented by his professional staff:

  • The on-course crew headed by Greens Superintendent, Ben Bell, and assisted by Calum Tilley, continue to do an excellent job of conditioning the course and managing improvements each year. 

  • Adam Ferraro and his pro-shop staff provide a warm welcome, serving the needs of both members and guests, and take responsibility for the smooth running of member and external events. 

  • Andrew Brubacher, our Office Administrator, works diligently to keep member and corporate accounts accurate and up-to-date.


Our solid partnership with John Tsintaris and the Grill continues to enhance both the membership and guest experience.  

Volunteerism continues to be the backbone of our club and helps set us apart.  We all benefit greatly from the members that generously give their time and energy to serve on various committees, such as our Games, Handicap and Greens committees.  Still others of you step up when needed to help with events and various projects around the course.  And I am also grateful for the dedication and support of all your Board members throughout the past year.   


I look forward to seeing you at the first Annual Members Meeting April 15, and on the course or around the club, as we celebrate another great season of experiences at our Elmira Golf Club.       




Ric Black 

2024 EGC Slate of

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AGM Minutes

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EGC Annual Members
Meeting Agenda

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Form of Proxy

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EGC Proposed

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2023 EGC Financial

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Sign up Link for Annual Members Meeting

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2023 Special Meeting

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