Our 2020 Memberships

Membership Benefits:


Our Membership includes, online account & tee-time 10 day in advance booking system, golf shop discounts & other special member pricing on items such as golf carts / lockers / club storage & cleaning, practice facilities with range memberships included for traditional memberships & special pricing for flex memberships, organized events, leagues, match plays, social functions and many other member benefits.


Golf Canada / GAO handicap fee including valued added insurance package, is required for all members and this small fee is added to memberships for both adult and junior. 


Payment plans are available.


Please Click Here to View & Download our Brochure



Junior Membership


Play Monday to Friday and after 1 pm Weekends & Holidays. Under 10 (8 & 9) must be accompanied by a member or adult on the course.
Includes Monday Junior League (May-August), Member Clinics/events (4) & August Club Championships. Junior Membership also includes a Large basket per day range membership.
Juniors: If one parent/grandparent is a member save 25%, if two parents/grandparents save 50%, off the membership fee.


Junior (8-18) $549 + $26 (Golf Canada Fee)




Young Adult/Student & Intermediate Membership



Young Adult/Student (19-29) Age x $39+ $36.50 (Golf Canada Fee)

Anytime play 


Intermediate (30-39) Age x $44 + $36.50 (Golf Canada Fee)

Anytime play


Large basket/day range membership included for both Young Adult / Student and Intermediate Memberships. Also include online account, 10-day in advance booking, organized events such as Club Championship & match plays, special pricing on members services such as carts, discounts in Golf Shop & more.



Traditional Membership


Traditional Memberships Include: Large range (1 large/day membership), online account & tee-times 10 days in advance booking system, change account with credit card, guest specials on golf, 10% off single golf cart rentals for you and Guests, No HST on Golf shop merchandise (excluding clubs, balls & special orders), many organized member events such as: Club Championship, Inter-club, match plays, golf leagues & many more. Ages as of July 1st for all membership categories. 

*Please add Golf Canada Handicap & Insurance Package Fee of $36.50 + HST


Weekday Plus Membership

 Monday to Friday/Weekends & Holidays after 1 PM
Play before 12 PM on Weekends and save 20% off prime green fees Event fee only for Member organized weekend events


Weekday Plus Single - $1729 + Golf Canada  Fee

Weekday Plus Senior Single (65+) - $1559 + Golf Canada Fee

Weekday Plus Couple (same address) - $2939 + Golf Canada  Fee.


Anytime Membership

Anytime Single - $2099 + Golf Canada Fee

Anytime Senior Single (65+) - $1889 + Golf Canada Fee

Anytime Couple (same address) - $3569 + Golf Canada Fee


Specialty Memberships


Nine Holer - $1099 + Golf Canada Fee

Play Nine holes of Golf any Monday to Friday and after 1 PM on Weekends & Holidays Play a 2nd 9 for 20% off Prime 9 holes



Flex Membership


Flex Memberships - (HST Included)  and Golf Canada Fee required $36.50 + HST


Declining account balance used for all purchases such as flex member discounted golf & carts, golf shop merchandise, food & beverage, events, member additions, range, lessons & more.


Playing privileges at any time. Below discounts off Prime 18 golf $53.99 and prime nine holes $26.99
All Flex Memberships: Save 30% off Weekday 18 / 20% off Weekend 18 before 1 PM, 35% off after 1 PM Weekends and 20% off 9 holes anytime.
Member-organized Events: green fee charge + any event fees. 


Standard Flex - $1799

Standard Flex also Includes 2 free weekday green fees to be used in 2020


Trial / Social Flex - $1299


Spousal Flex - $749

Spousal flex only available for a spouse/partner of a current member


Please add HST to Traditional Membership Fees & Member Additions; however, not to Flex Memberships

Prices are subject to change without notice



Contact Director of Golf, Jeremy Logel, for more details at 519-669-1652 ext. 23 or email jeremy@elmiragolfclub.on.ca



Member Additions


Member Range Upgrades                               

Loadable range key (*required)                   

Double Large Range (2 Large/day)                 

Large Range (1 Large/day)                        

Medium Range (1 medium/day)



Member Club Storage & Cleaning


Adult (bag only)                                           

Adult with own or EGC push cart                   

Adult yearly EGC Push Cart Rental                

Junior storage (+$30 for cleaning)                      

Junior with own or EGC push cart                   

Junior yearly EGC Push Cart Rental


*Club Storage & Range close after Thanksgiving 

$    9.99










$  49.99

$  79.99

$  99.99

$  29.99

Member Additions


Member Lockers                                               


Junior Locker (bottom only)                              

Adult Locker                                                     


Member Cart Packages


Cart Package

(pay 50% each ride off regular)                  

Seasonal Cart/Member /seat                           

Member 18 Hole/Rider/Seat                              

Member 9 Holes/Rider/Seat                             


Member Events 


Adult Golf Canada Handicap

       Most Member Events / Day                

*Flex Members + applicable green fee    

$  39.99

$  54.99






$  15.13

$    9.96




$  36.50

$  15.00

Elmira Golf Club Limited, PO Box 61, 40 Eldale Road, Elmira, ON, N3B 2Z5, Phone:  519-669-1652 / 519-669-1651

Fax:  519-669-4653, www.elmiragolfclub.com, Mail: jeremy@elmiragolfclub.on.ca

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