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  • A list of updated protocols required for 2020. Any changes mandated by the government will be updated here 

  • All communication news posts by Elmira Golf Club related to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Q&A outline for both members and customers. Further details will be added when required.


COVID-19 Action plan at Elmira Golf Club updated May 30th, 2020


All players must have a pre-booked tee-time. NO walk-ins or walk-ups


Golf Ontario is encouraging golfers to walk due to some cart restrictions and limitations and book as foursomes


Members – For 2020 may only use the on-line tee-on system for all bookings, edits, changes, and deletions. Easy access to tee-on on-line booking also in our App. Contact us for any assistance.




Guests – Online booking only is as easy as 1-2-3 to be able to have an account to book on-line. All you require is your name, email, and a couple of minutes to set up. Online payment per tee-time option at booking now available.





What you need to know before and during play:


In order to maintain the health and safety for you, our staff, and all others we require you to read the following rules and guidelines now in place. Anyone failing to comply with the rules will not be permitted to play.


·         Please stay home if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed

·         If you have returned from travel outside of Canada within the last 14 days, you are to self-                            quarantine for 14-days.

·         Arrive with good hand hygiene. Hand sanitizer will also be provided in key areas.

·         Arrival 15-25 minutes max prior to your tee-time.

·         Please wait in the vehicle if early; however, no gathering in parking lot areas

·         Always maintain 6 feet physical distancing

·         You are encouraged to walk especially due to cart limitations

·         Entrance only is located along the pathway right (east) of the clubhouse, along-side #10 tee.

·         Along this path, you will be greeted by our Greeter/Starter, asked questions, provided information,            and directed to the Golf Shop “check-in window”.

·         Only bottled water available $ (currently fountains are closed)

·         Groups may be matched up to round out foursomes in order to create spacing and full foursomes (No shows will be tracked and charged accordingly)


Golf Check-in


·         Window check-in line (maintaining 6’) outside Golf Shop for members & guests

·         Pre-payment, on account, credit card & debit tap options (NO CASH payments)

·         Golf Shop merchandise available for curb-side purchases (on-line store available)

·         Daily weather updates and course instructions provided by Golf Shop staff

·         Scorecard & pencil available from Golf Shop attendant or download our Free Elmira Golf Club App              and use the scorecard and GPS features.

·         Washroom facilities are available immediately following your check-in, prior to your game in                      Clubhouse, and between, 9’s “New” Port-o-lets have been set up at your 10th tee.

  • Range and Green open as of May 30th only for warm-up with tee-time (medium baskets $ available for purchase)


Golf Carts / Pull Carts 


·         One rider per cart, unless living at the same address (proof ID required)

·         Maximum of 2 carts per tee-time, organize groups accordingly (Elmira Golf Club holds the right to             extend an additional for a group for those unable to walk or if additional carts are available). A                   second golf bag may be placed on the cart for $; however, only one driver of the cart for the entire              round is permitted.

·         Outline of all special rules/regulations posted on each cart

·         Following your round, leave your cart with key, in the outlined cart cleaning area

·         Dispose of your garbage in the available trash cans and remove all belongings

·         Please leave pull cart rentals in the cart cleaning area also following your round


During Play


·         Currently the golf course is being played starting on #10 and finishing #18 if playing 9 holes and on            #9 if playing 18 holes.

·         Do not touch the Pin (lever attached to pin, use a putter to left lever, and retrieve ball). Gimmies                  encouraged.

·         Do not touch or share any equipment or any food & beverages

·         Rakes have been removed from bunkers, use your foot to keep sand smooth

·         Ball washers, divot shovels, scoring supplies, on course washrooms, benches, and other                              touchpoints have been removed

·         Recycling and trash can station available between 9’s and on one area on each nine. Please wait                for stations and utilize them.

·         The Grill on the Green halfway will be in operation prior to golf and between 9’s opening daily at 9              am (Beverage cart scheduled on most days)


Following Play


·         All players are to leave immediately following play

·         Alcohol is not permitted in the parking lot areas at any time (any alcohol not purchased from The                Grill on the Green is not permitted anywhere at any time)

·         No gathering in the parking lot areas


Closures currently


·         Clubhouse Putting green & Sand bunker and Driving range for practice (Practice booking times                  coming soon!)

·         Locker & Shower area facilities

·         Golf Shop (2 people maximum for in house shopping coming soon!)

·         The Grill on the Green indoor and outdoor seating of any kind

·         On the course washrooms at hole #6 and #3/#15 holes

·         Clubhouse water fountains


Sanitizing and cleaning (Aegis Microbe Shield has been applied to below areas, many staff areas and more)


·         Each power cart, pull cart, range basket, range balls will be sanitized and cleaned after each use

·         Available washroom facilities will be sanitized frequently

·         Potential touchpoints at check-in, door handles, and other items will be sanitized frequently

·         Customer Hand sanitizing stations available (6)


Together we can ALL, Keep SAFE, Keep 6’ SPACE and Keep a 4 HOUR Pace


Thank you

Below you will find…


·         All communication news posts by Elmira Golf Club related to the COVID-19 pandemic

·         Q&A outline for both members and customers. Further details will be added as required.


No Touch Online Features to assist our customers


·         Visit our online store to assist with any pre-paid items. These items can be ready for you at check-            in, prior to tee-off.

·         Download our App, Elmira Golf, which includes features such as scorecard, GPS yardages, on-line              tee-time booking, Grill order App & pay menu and more

·         On-line booking through our website or App using the Tee-on Software.

·         Online payment is now available with Visa or Mastercard through our safe and secure Moneris                    terminal.


Communication News Posts by Elmira Golf Club:


Please Click On the links (dates) below to view any of our COVID-19 updates.

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May 28th, 2020

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May 14, 2020

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May 7, 2020

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April 30, 2020

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April 23, 2020

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April 16, 2020

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April 9, 2020

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April 2, 2020

​​​Q & A on Elmira Golf Club (from April 16th)



Q. When will the golf course open for the 2020 season?

A. The golf course typically opens for play each season between the dates of April 15th to April 30th depending on course conditions and weather; however, due to COVID-19, the course is unable to open at this time. Ontario golf courses are considered a non-essential business under the current state of emergency in Ontario due to COVID-19. As soon as this law is lifted and golf courses are able to open, we will quickly finalize the necessary preparations in order to implement all required protocols for the 2020 season.


Q. Can I currently visit the Elmira Golf Club?

A. Unfortunately not at this time, due to the current Provincial state of an emergency mandate as well as for the safety of all working staff. The Golf Shop, Maintenance Department, and the entire course property remain closed to all until further notice.


Q. Can I currently visit The Grill on the Green?

A. Only if you are there to pick up a pre-order “Take Out / Away” food & beverage service during the current hours of operation. Further details on this service are located further below in this document.


Q. Once the courses opens, what other services will be available at Elmira Golf Club?

A. A number of the services we offer include Full Restaurant & Patio in The Grill on the Green, Driving Range & Practice Greens, Club Storage & Lockers, Demos & Rentals, Cart Rentals, and more. Each of these services will depend on the required protocol outlined by the Government and The Ministry of Health.


Q. Will any Food & Beverage be available if the Restaurant and/or Clubhouse do not open at the same time as the course?

A. Our plan would be to have The Grill on the Green continue to operate “Take Out / Away Service” and incorporate a Halfway House and Beverage Cart type of service. Food & beverage services for golfers will each depend on all the required protocols outlined by the Government and The Ministry of Health.


Q. What will the course turf and greens conditions be like when you open?

A. When we open, you will find the course conditions in the typical shape as at the same time on the annual calendar, weather pending. Our superintendent and limited greens crew are following all guidelines as they continue with essential course property maintenance.


Q. What will happen with my membership, league fees, or any pre-paid services if the season is delayed by months?

A. If we experience any type of major delay to the start of the golf season, we will review our club policies and apply reasonable options to our customers under the circumstances.


Q. How is Elmira Golf Club preparing for the possible changes to ensure protection for the health and safety of customers?

A. Once golf is permitted to open in Ontario, we are certain there will be a number of enforced protocols clearly outlined out by Government agencies. We will follow all of these guidelines to ensure that the health & safety of our staff and customers are protected. Our COVID-19 Committee continues to review a number of touchpoints throughout the entire property, in order to determine which non-essential items can be removed or altered. An increase in cleaning and available cleaning products has been put in place. Many scenarios are being prepared for implementation such as pre-check-in & payment options, increased spacing throughout the facility, and physical distancing measures. We are also working closely with NGCOA, PGA of Canada, Golf Canada and many other industry leaders to assist in a group effort for the game of golf to be returned as safely and quickly as possible. Once we are permitted to open we will compile an extensive list of the changes and new procedures, in preparation for your first visit to the course.


Be Safe

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