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Golf Tournaments Outings & Events

Elmira Golf Club is the perfect location to host your next golf tournament, outing or event.  With a friendly yet challenging 18 hole golf course, a beautiful clubhouse with outstanding dining facilities as well as our outstanding customer service we truly believe once you come the first time it's easy to continue to come back.  Give us a try and we will guarantee you will not be disappointed. Dates are available for all group sizes from 12 to 120 so let us know how we can help. New Golf APP for all golfers to download for FREE, which will provide GPS of entire course, maps, live scoring and results printed.


Regardless of the size of your tournament, whether it's to raise money for charity or for your sports team or just for fun, whether it includes men, ladies, juniors or a mixed field of players you can be sure of one thing, Elmira Golf is the place to call your tournament home.


We have been in the tournament business for many years and the one thing we think we have in common and ensure with every event we host is that it is FUN. We always thought if it was not fun then it really wouldn't be golf at Elmira.


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Quite often people think that they have to spend a great deal of time organizing a formal tournament with all the trappings that are part of such when all you really want to do is have a small intimate outing with a few family & friends, a few appetizers, and a few beverages.  


We want you to know we are here to help in any way possible and regardless of the type of outing we can accommodate your request and help produce a fun day for four or more.


Please feel free to contact us with any special request you may have for your next golf outing.  


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How does an event differ from a tournament or outing is really just our way of saying we are here to host any type of function or event that you wish to have, with or without golf as part of the festivities.  


Maybe you want a team building day that includes instruction on the range only, or an anniversary party for your parents who are celebrating their 50th.  Kids birthday parties, business meetings, special birthday's, it doesn't matter to us what the theme you wish to pursue, we are here to help organize and host your event so everyone enjoys themselves and has a great day of fun.


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