Board & Committees

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Current Board of Directors of Elmira Golf Club Limited following the AGM on Thursday March 31st, 2022.


Bill Traut (Past President), Lee Clemens, Ric Black, Clark McAlpine, Pat Bishop, Jeff Kelly, Michael Lanteigne, Olivia Richards and Lester Heldsinger. 


Executive Committee:

President: Ric Black

Vice President: Lee Clemens

Treasurer: Jeff Kelly

Secretary: Clark McAlpine 


Finance Committee: Co-Chairs: Jeff Kelly and Lester Heldsinger

Green’s Committees: Chair Clark McAlpine and Michael Lanteigne 

Marketing and Community Committee: Co-Chairs Bill Traut and Lee Clemens

Members Protocol / Games & Handicap Committee: Co-Chairs Michael Lanteigne and Olivia Richards


Ad Hoc committees:

COVID-19 committee: Chair Pat Bishop, Ric Black, Bill Traut

Constitution, Bylaws, and Shareholders: Chair Pat Bishop, Ric Black, Bill Traut 




Greens Committee Members: Clark McAlpine, Ben Bell, Michael Lanteigne, Frank Hall, Larry Kraehn, Jeff Legault and Gail McLeod.


Games Committee Members: Michael Lanteigne, Bev Nelson, Jay Cressman, Jeff Legault, Adam Ferraro, Kevin Martin, Olivia Richards, and Jeff Wark.


*The GM / Executive Professional also sits on all committees.

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