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Our All You Can Play Everyday is exactly that, you get to play as many holes as you would like each and every day of the season for your one low green fee price. Why pay to just play 18 holes as you do at most other courses when you can play 27, 36 or as much as you like every day at Elmira Golf Club. We want to ensure that you, our customer, continues to receive great value when you come to Elmira and by letting you play as much as you like we think we have accomplished our goal of the greatest value available to you in Canadian Golf.


Note: Our All You Can Play Everyday Special is based on the following conditions:


1. All additional rounds of golf are based on availability that day only and at the discretion of the Elmira Golf Club.

2. Only your first round of golf for the day may be booked on the starting sheets and any additional rounds can only be booked once the first round has been completed.

3. All players or groups wishing to play additional holes must check in with the golf shop staff to ensure that a tee time is available before they proceed and must present their original receipt to show proof of payment of original round that day.

4. Based on availability all players understand there could be some delay before your group is able to continue to play.

5. Additional usage of a power cart is not considered a part of this program and is paid for separately based on the rate set by the course.

6. We reserve the right to make changes to this program at anytime and without notice

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